Easy Ways to Become the Bad Boy That All Women Want

Let's face it. All women love bad boys who live exciting lives and aren't afraid to be themselves. While many girls claim they're looking for a "nice guy", deep down they secretly desire the men who give off the tough guy persona that is shown on movies and television. The best example would be rock and roll stars.

Most women know these guys are surrounded by beautiful women. But they still line up in the hundreds and thousands just to be near them. So what makes rock and roll guys have hypnotic effect on women? Well a lot of it has to do with the 'bad boy' attitude they project. These dudes know how to cultivate a specific personality which makes women crazy with desire. Fortunately there is a way you can project the 'bad boy' image without starting your own rock band or dressing up in an all leather outfit. In this article, I'll show you four simple ways you can create your own 'bad boy' persona without resorting to tricks or gimmicks.

1) You project a confident and relaxed attitude Being a 'bad boy' is all about your personality. If you study the guys who attract a ton of women into their world, you'll see that all of them have lots of confidence. In order to be like them, you have to project the same type of attitude.

In a nutshell, 'bad boys' act in a confident and relaxed manner in every situation they encounter. This means they're never rattled by any situation. To be like them, you must learn to project a confident aura. Even if you're not feeling particularly confident, you have to practice or at least fake this attitude. 2) You never fall for a woman's tests- Women test guys all the times.

The reason they do this to see how much they can manipulate us and control our actions. Now one of the principles of being a 'bad body' is to never take part in a woman's test. Whenever she tries to create drama or force you to do something, you either ignore her requests or simply call her out on her actions. The bottom line is you don't fall for her tests and let her control you. Instead you behave in a manner where you're in control. If you want to do something nice for her, you do it on your terms, not hers.

3) You act like you don't care about hooking up- Another way to act like the 'bad boy' stand out from the other guys is to act like you don't care about 'hooking up' with a woman when you're talking to her. What's great about this attitude I you appear to be different the other men who spend the majority of their time making overt attempts to seduce women. While they wine and dine women, you spend time enjoying their company, but not 'putting the moves' on them. By acting like you don't care, you'll look like a prize she has to obtain.

One of the basic principles in psychology is how people always want what they can't have. By creating an aloof, 'I don't care' attitude, you'll make her work for your affections. As a result, she'll be chasing after you instead of the other way around.

4) Your life is exciting- If you pay attention to romance novels, then you know that women are turned on by guys who live exciting lives. In other words, they're attracted to men who aren't afraid to take risks and like to have adventures. Now I don't mean you should be leading safaris through Africa or start BASE jumping off large buildings. Instead you should have interesting stories to tell and have a few hobbies that make you stand out from other men. So if you want to appear to have an exciting life, you have to do exciting things. If you don't have an interesting hobby, get out there and start finding fun stuff to do! Once you learn to be an exciting guy who projects a confident and strong attitude, you'll have created the perfect 'bad boy' attitude.

Then all you have to do follow these 4 tips I discussed in this article and you'll transform yourself into the guy who women secretly desire.

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