The Art of Seduction

In "Basic Instinct," Sharon Stone crosses her legs and reveals her "woman-hood" all for her employee and the world to see. That scene became one of the most memorable moments in entertainment history and is only one of the thousands seduction scenes we see in movies today. The thing is what they do in the movies, you can also do in real life.

But before you exert any effort, you have to make sure that the person you are going to seduce deserves it. Trust your instincts. Is he or she worth seducing? Before you seduce anybody, make sure that you are confident. Are you happy with how you look and how you dress? How are you in making conversation? If you have a couple of problems in those areas, work on it first.

If you feel confident with your looks, your brains and your skills, then that's when you start seducing. Seduction can come in any form. It can be through eye contact or during conversations.

First, eye contact. Just by looking at a person with a 'come hither' expression, if he or she is not dense, then you will be able to get your point across. Next, conversation.

How much of it should be about you and about the other person? If you talk about yourself, choose some areas that could boost you to him or her? If you ride horses, bring that up, then leave some to the imagination. For some, the excitement from seduction is more on the chase. It is the thrill you get in enticing that person to come to you. For men, this is a turn on for them. Just the thought of wanting someone and pursuing them is exciting enough.

If you are to seduce an object of your affection, make it a point that the two of you will be alone at the right time and at the right place. Better if that will be the case for a long period of time. There are situations wherein your subject is in the same place as you. Take for example, a colleague from work.

Now that adds more to the thrill - especially if he or she is throwing signs right back at you. If you are sure that the attraction is mutual and there is flirting, then it would only add up to your arousal. Do not rush it. Relish it.

Sometimes though, we get carried away by our own delusions that we convince ourselves they are interested when in fact they are not. There are clues you should watch out for such as body language. Look at their eyes. Eyes are not only the mirrors to one's soul.

It could also be the mirrors to one's heart or loin. Whichever, eyes are the give-away if he or she is into you. Trust your instincts. Compare how he or she talks to you? Is it different from how he or she talks to others? Flirt - but not too much. When seducing our subjects, flirting is necessary.

But once we go overboard - it can be a turn-off, especially if women do the first move. However, a man still wants to be re-assured that a woman is interested. It will only encourage him to pursue her more. For women, play 'getable-when-worked-for' instead of 'hard-to-get.' You have to get your intentions clear.

If the attraction is just sex, then let it be just about sex. No strings attached. But if a party (most of the time, it's the woman) wants to bring it up to another level, then it is better to talk about it. Seduction is also a two-way street. If one of you is not interested, then the other may be rejected.

But if there is hope to this flirtation, then surrender. Give in to your pleasures and act out those desires.

Having trouble meeting women? Check out this excellent guide on the seduction of women from a womans point of view on the art of seduction!


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