To Be A Winner of Dating You Need to Win Women Over

Women are genetically programmed to desire a physically strong man. Now dont go running off to buy steroids because this doesnt necessarily mean that she wants a guy like the incredible Hulk.

In fact when a guy gets too huge muscularly many women see that as a compensation for other weaknesses. What they do desire is a fit man, who walks with his head up high, with his shoulders back, showing complete confidence.

Ambition is a great attribute to have because most women desire men with status and a good job. This means that he is able to provide for her financially. Major ambition is usually enough to tell a woman that at some point soon, youll be the dominant male shes looking for and as long as she has the patience to wait, shell give you a chance.

It was her genetic programming that wanted him to be the strongest man he could be. His ambition to be the strong male was enough to keep her interested. Another reason that ambition is so attractive is because women are programmed to look for the instinct in you that wants to be dominant.

Most men assume that they need to have lots of money and power to get women when in fact; you dont need to be rich or powerful right now to attract women. Women are equally as attracted to the trait in you that desires to get rich, powerful and successful.

Never be blatantly boastful. Once you develop a real self-confidence it will shine through in your actions.

Any man that feels the need to talk about how great he is in bed or what a great athlete he is will seem weak.

Women have an in-built radar that lets them spot the difference between real and fake confidence. Instead show with your actions what an amazing person you are and always be humble about it. These are just a few of the characteristics that women are genetically programmed to desire.

People feel good about themselves when they are around confident people.

When you exude confidence and feel great about yourself, people (and most importantly females) will want to be around you. You create a glow around you that women want to be a part of. They can tell that you feel good about yourself and they want to feel that way about themselves. They will draw close to you, hoping it will rub off on them.

One can break down the myth that you must be the quintessential good looking guy to get women. Most men were not born to be leaders and may not project confidence on the first date.

Or they may not be aware of some traits that need to be corrected before embarking on a date with women.

When you go to her house, you need to make a good first impression. Dont turn up at her house with a lorry or some ramshackle vehicle thats 20 years old. Her mother will immediately stop her from seeing you and from parking the old rackety automobile in front of their house.


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