Wedding Preparation Checklist

Since I keep on discussing details of our wedding with people, hence increasing the number of our wedding guests, I decided to participate in this forum to earn extra cash for the wedding and enable myself to discuss my millions of wedding ideas and issues to relieve my self from preparation stress. The checklist below contains a guide that should help you in planning and scheduling your wedding related tasks: 6-12 MONTHS BEFORE THE WEDDING -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Reserve the date with your florist, photographer, videographer and disk jockey - Set the date and time of the wedding - Reserve the location - For church and synagogue weddings, visit appropriate clergy members. - Establish the wedding budget - Choose attendants, honor attendants and ushers - Order your wedding invitations and announcements - Pick out the Bride's gown and headpiece - Shop for attendant's attire and accessories - Establish a color scheme - Order your wedding rings - Register for china, silver and crystal patterns and other home gifts 2-4 MONTHS BEFORE THE WEDDING -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Meet with your florist to order your wedding flowers.

(Bring a sketch or photo of your dress and color swatches of your bridesmaids' dresses.) - Address all wedding invitations and announcements - Plan rehearsal dinner - Arrange lodging for out-of -town guests and attendants - Select music and meet with disk jockey, videographer and photographer - Have your wedding portrait taken - Order the wedding cake 4-6 WEEKS BEFORE THE WEDDING -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Contact your florist for an appointment to review your order - Send "thank you" flowers to the hosts of your pre-wedding parties - Mail your wedding invitations - Have the final fitting of your gown - Meet with the photographer, videographer and disk jockey to update them on the details - Arrange special transportation for the wedding party - Select the groom's gift - Prepare seating chart for reception guests - Write thank-you notes for shower gifts and wedding gifts as they arrive - Place announcement in local newspapers 2 WEEKS BEFORE THE WEDDING -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Make final check with your florist. (Double check delivery times and locations.) - Order "thank-you" flowers to be sent to parents after the wedding - Obtain the marriage license - Make name changes on bank accounts and official documents - Keep a list of wedding gifts and their senders as they arrive - Finalize seating chart for reception guests 1 WEEK BEFORE THE WEDDING -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Give the final guest count for the reception to the reception coordinator - Arrange pick up of guests and attendants arriving at airports - Enjoy the benefits of good planning and a have a beautiful wedding day!!.

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