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Approach A Woman In A Bar, Ask Questions Before You Go Too Far
By David DeAngel

What advice do you have for men who are simply too afraid to approach a woman they don't know in a bar?

Many so-called "men" have a lot of growing up to do... because they aren't conquering the situations that require them to "man up" and take charge of their lives.

An example every man can relate to is the fear of approaching strangers, especially when it comes to attractive women.

So let me ask you...

When are you going to "man up," conquer your fears and start making things happen for yourself?

No one else is going to do it for you, and your life is passing you by as we speak. Eliminate your fears, and along with them, you will eliminate the future regrets you will have if you don't take control now.

Not only will doing this give you tremendous benefits in your life, it will also automatically and dramatically make you more attractive to women.

The more experienced and attractive a woman is, the faster she can recognize a man who has gone through this, because she's already met so many other men that have.

And guess what?

If you haven't, you don't stand a chance with her.

Think about it. She gets hit on 10 times a day, and she knows she'll eventually find a guy who is man enough for her.

So, save her the trouble, and do yourself a favor. Make that guy you.

Find out which specific questions to ask her to determine if she's right for you, and whether you should rehearse your lines...

How do you find out if a woman is single and if she is the type of woman you are looking for? Ask her.

I frequently ask a woman, "Are you single?" very early in the conversation, or even as a way to get it started.

This gives me the information I need to know fast, and I know instantly whether to pursue the situation or move on.

If there are certain personality traits you must have in a woman, think about how you could find out this information early on.

If you want a woman who is athletic, ask her if she works out.

If you only want to date a woman who is a vegetarian, ask her about her favorite restaurants.

If you are trying to avoid the "party type" and you are looking for a "nice girl," ask her how often she likes to go out.

Doing this will not only save you a ton of time, it will also let a woman know you are selective, which in turn will make her work harder to get your attention. Use it.

Should you ever "rehearse" set lines or things to say to a woman?
People are accustomed to having the same, word-for-word conversations all the time.

It's part of the natural flow of conversations, and once you are aware of it, you should take advantage of it.

The first step is to think about the questions YOU are asked all the time, and to come up with great answers.

For example, my friend Steve noticed that women often ask him where he is from because he has an accent.

He used to simply say "Australia"... but now he says, "You American girls are all the same, first you ask where I'm from, then you compliment me on my accent, then you want to by me a drink. And before I know it, you'll want to take me home to show me your stereo."


There is no reason to have lame, boring answers to questions you hear every single day. Get them good and women will notice, because you'll stand out from all of the other guys who say the same old things.