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Women's Sexual Fantasties

Women's Sexual Fantasties

It shouldn't be surprising that women have fantasies also. Sometimes, they are more sexual than ours our. In this article we will discuss the top ten fantasies that women have. You will want to print this one out for future reference. Here we go, please pay attention! Having sex with strangers: This might sound odd, but women fantasize about this as well. Having sex with a complete stranger takes away the pressure. People feel like they don't have a standard they have to live with, since they won't be coming back for seconds. People engage in this type of sex because they feel that they won't be judged.
The only thing they are after is getting their rocks off, so if it feels good, then there is no reason to judge.

The more people the better: Group sex can be exciting for a woman. I don't mean that they want you to call your buddies over for a gang bang. Women tend to like the idea of a bunch of nude people together having sex with their partners. Unless of course, they are into swinging.

  • Are you my daddy? Some women like to be controlled or to control their partner. Sometimes they want to be spanked and told to yell out slogans or phrases. Sometimes they may want to spank you and have you suck on things.
  • Having sex in public: This really turns some women on. The idea of someone else watching them in the heat of the moment in public can be a real turn on. Find a place that you can feel secure and bang the night away. She will love it.
  • Domination: While I don't understand this one, a lot of people like it. Some women want to be told how and when to do things. She might like it when you tell her to lick your testicles and suck on your penis, I have known women who really get off on this sort of thing. Try it out, she might like it.
  • Some women like to be roughed up a bit. They want you to hit them and tell them that you will hurt them if you don't have sex with them. I don't understand it, to me it sounds too much like rape. But what the hey, if it gets her off, that is all that matters.
  • Having sex with another woman: This shouldn't be no big surprise. Women can be better at pleasing another woman. Most men like it, some don't. If your woman likes to do this and it turns you own, enjoy it.
    Lesbianism can be a beautiful thing. Have her invite friends over that will also allow you to participate. I have done this and it is great. After the first time you will be hooked. Hell, I can just sit and watch them go at it and I am in ecstasy.
  • Being a hooker: It is the oldest profession in the world. Some people think it is dirty, some women find it to be a turn on. That is probably why there isn't a shortage of whores in this world. People like receiving rewards for a job well done. If a woman fantasizes about being a hooker, chances are a big part of her fantasy is that the guy gives her a big tip for pleasuring him.
  • A three way: This is common for both men and women. Two people can pleasure better than one. The most common fantasy is where a man is doing her from behind while another man licks her clitoris.
  • Having two partners in bed, doubles the pleasure. Makes the evening more enjoyable. This goes for women as well as it does for men. If she wants you to do this, do it if you are comfortable. If the idea of another man banging your girlfriend is okay with you, do it until your hearts content. If on the other hand she is just a piece of ass you are banging for the fun of it, go for it. She might as well have some fun too.
  • Being the man of the hour: This one might catch you a little off guard. This is one of the more popular fantasies women have. Most say that they want to use a strap on dildo and have sex with their male partner.

    I don't think it is as much about the sex as it is the power. The feeling of having a penis and using it. Feeling him squabble when she sticks the fake penis in his anus. It is about power. Some women want that power.

    Being raped: With all the news of violence and rape in the news towards women, this one took me by surprise. I'm not sure how to react to it and I am not sure how to write about it.
I think this comes from wanting to be powerless. They want to feel that someone else is in control of them and their fate. Please don't engage in this sort of thing unless you are 100% sure that she is a willing participant. You could end up actually raping someone and going to jail if you don't.

These are some tips that you can use to spice up your sex life. If she isn't willing to do these things, then don't force her. Fantasies are about making sex more enjoyable, not making it a living hell. Listen to your partner and know your boundaries. This will make for better sex.

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